What is the Bay Area MLS?

The Bay Broker Real Estate Company serves the entire Bay Area, including San Francisco and its surrounding counties with access to confidential information that is gained through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  The Multiple Listing Service is a database of real estate for sale used by Realtors. The properties in the MLS are provided by brokers who are registered members of the MLS system and who are also members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR).  In the Bay Area the MLS services are broken into several individual MLS databases that cover each region’s listings.  These include MLS services for the East Bay, North Bay, the Peninsula and San Jose areas, and the County of San Francisco.

The Bay Area MLS is most widely used by Realtors to locate residential properties that are actively listed for sale.  These include many types of properties such as detached single-family homes, multi-unit residences (5+ Units), and attached properties like condos and townhouses.  You can also find listings for mobile homes, vacant land, rentals and even ‘floating homes’ (Houseboats) in some areas. Commercial property listed on the MLS includes industrial, office, retail and mixed use.

The MLS not only provides listing information, but also has a useful search engine function.  The purpose of this is to use the MLS to find any listings that fit specific search parameters such as price range, area, type of property etc.  The individual user can indicate the parameters that can then be set.  Any results that match each unique search will be displayed in the form of a list.  Further details of the property can be found through links to separate pages.  Only registered members can access this search engine functionality.

Home buyers can gain access to the various MLS databases that serve the Bay Area to find information on real estate listings via real estate websites that gather data from all of the MLS regions.  Any real estate website that provides data from the Multiple Listing Service is required to uphold strict user registration policies, and to comply with each MLS regions set of rules and regulations.


What are the areas that are covered & why ours is the Best!

The entire MLS system is served by individually run MLS databases throughout USA and Canada.  Each MLS database is operated by a real estate organization or designated group of Realtors that serves a particular geographical area.  Specific MLS databases in the Bay area include:

SFAR – San Francisco County

Bareis – Marin County, Sonoma County and Solano County

MLS Listings – San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz and Monterey County

BayEast – Alameda County and Contra Costa County

Our Bay Broker Search covers ALL FOUR MLS AREAS – most Realtors cover just one.


What type of information do the Bay Area MLS listings contain?

Depending on what each individual listing agent enters for the property,  the amount of information provided by a particular MLS listing can vary.  The following data is considered essential and is normally to be found for each property listings:  Address, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, price, and listing status such as active, Pending or Sold homes. Also, there are some additional details that are typically found in most MLS listings:

Zip code, Tax rates and assessment amounts, City and County, Square footage of the property and Lot size, type of property (attached or detached, residential or commercial),  # of days on the market, special features like views, approximate room dimensions, year built, availability of parking, attached/detached garages, and any confidential Agent remarks about the property, with showing instructions for the other agents.

Most MLS listings also contain numerous photos of the interior of the home, a map search function to help locate the property address and most likely a virtual tour. The listing agent name and contact info is always provided for each listing.  Our MLS search available to the General Public contains much of the information available to Real Estate Professionals except the ‘Confidential Agent Remarks’.


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